Bill C-E

“I have been seeing Sasha for several years and she has helped me enormously. She takes a deep interest in any problem and works out the best treatments for you. She cares about her patients and takes a keen interest in you as an individual. Since I have known her, she has helped me with several sporting injuries as well as simple everyday wear and tear ones, even coming to my home to treat a back injury when I couldn’t travel to her because I was in too much pain.

As well as deep sports massage, her acupuncture skills have helped me with problems even Harley Street consultants couldn’t resolve including most recently Psoriasis, which visits to dermatologists had failed to solve. I can’t thank Sasha enough and thoroughly recommend her.”

Ben R

“I’m very pleased to have found Alexandra. I went to her for both pre and post cycling event sport massage and it certainly has helped. She clearly knows what’s she’s doing and so you relax and trust her which is essential for a sports massage. Would definitely recommend.”


“The treatment with each of the sessions are priceless. The establishment is excellent, service is superb. Alexandra is highly skilled and myself being a keen cyclist and her experience working with National Olympic cycling teams makes for great comfort. Techniques used are superb, deep tissue to acupuncture, she has really dialled into the problematic areas and have been achieving great results, all I can say is a big thankyou for this. I cant recommend Alexandra highly enough. Very Professional indeed, planning to continue going back.”
N. Pryde
“Alexandra is an outstanding therapist. Having suffered from a chronic back injury for a number of years, the remedial work that Alexandra has provided is nothing short of first-class. I highly recommend her service which combines traditional massage therapy and new/innovative techniques, tailored to your needs.”


K. Lederle

“It was a great experience, Alexandra is a fantastic and very skilled Sports Massage Therapist. She quickly figured the problem areas and helped to relief pain. Just as herself, her practice has a very welcoming feel to it. I thoroughly recommend her as a Sports Massage Therapist – I myself will have follow-up treatments!”

P. Faull

Excellent first experience with Alexandra. Quick diagnosis of injury and appropriate massage technique(s) applied. Thank you. Professional, friendly and easy to talk to. Her studio is warm and quiet. Alexandra sent an after care email to me with suggested stretches and things to do after the sports massage. This was most appreciated. Will be going back again soon & have told other athletes about her.

G. Shephard

“I’ve recently started to use Alexandra at Richmond Bodywork to help alleviate the discomfort and ultimately cure the tendonitis in both my shoulder and elbow which was severely affecting everyday life. After just three sessions with Alexandra I’m already starting to feel the benefits of a specialist sports massage. I’ve gained increased flexibility and the discomfort is subsiding. There is still some way to go but overall I’m very happy with the service and post session advice / follow up and would highly recommend.”

S. Tolan

I have been having sport massages at my Gym for a while now by a highly qualified masseur. On this occasion I needed to go local and got recommended to go to Alexandra who is fully qualified in the field I needed. The treatment room was warm and comfortable to which Alexandra gave a friendly and professional service with excellent aftercare advice. I will be using Alexandra as my Sports Massage Therapist from now on. Many thanks

C. Drinnes

“I was in an unusually knotted up state when you saw me and your treatment really helped. You went straight for it, as I had requested, rather than spending time on peripherals, and also seemed to sense your way to tense areas I had been unaware of. Possibly the most effective massage I have had, so big thanks to a very competent and instinctive practitioner. Thank you for the exercises and also the excellent therapeutic massage.”

D. Paice

“I had shoulder pain and after just 2 sessions with Alexandra I feel much better. It took a while to settle after the last session but I am now pain free. Thank you!”

P. Crocker

“I was in real need of help with backaches and desperate for a boost of energy –  your treatment dissolved all aches and tightness and lifted my spirits immeasurably.  You seem so talented I feel like I have met a special light being and am very delighted and grateful. Perfect atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, time just flew by.”


“After the Sports Massage session with Alexandra my muscles feel like they have been used in a good way and that the aching perhaps due to toxins or underuse has subsided. They feel a lot looser and it was easier to move afterwards.”

A. Dawson

“I was happy to try icing my knee during the Sports Massage as I couldn’t feel the pain during the treatment. After couple of sessions I feel pain relief and I am more flexible. I generally feel better about my knee and will carry on with the massage sessions and the exercise routine provided by Alexandra.”